Lourdes Donors Fund Brain/Spine Surgery Imaging Technology

Lourdes has implemented new advanced surgical imaging technology to further enhance its brain and spine surgery program. The Medtronic O-arm® Multidimensional Imaging System and Stealth Navigation technology empower surgeons to quickly and effectively make data-driven decisions in the OR and to precisely track their surgical instruments in relation to patient anatomy. 
Using real-time scans and a technology similar to GPS, Lourdes surgeons can see
a patient’s anatomy in 3-D during surgery to negotiate the exact placement of surgical instruments throughout the procedure. This allows them to navigate through delicate anatomy at exactly the right angle and avoid critical structures like the spinal cord. 
The majority of this new technology was funded by a $360,000 grant from Lourdes Foundation. “Our donors are helping to advance the quality of spine and brain surgery in our region through their support of Lourdes Foundation,” said Tara Miller, the Foundation’s executive director.
“At a total cost of more than half a million dollars, this addition is another example of Lourdes’ commitment to excellence in quality, compassionate care,” added Steven Grinnell, Lourdes president and chief executive officer. “Achieving even better results for our patients is our goal and with the talented neurosurgeons at Lourdes utilizing this technology, nationally-renowned results can be achieved right here at home.”
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